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Product Name:USB 3.0 AM to BM Cable


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Product Description:

USB 3.0 AM to BM Blue Cable

Type A male to type B male connectors. Simply plug and play. Works with all USB devices. Downward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1

1,SuperSpeed 4.8Gbps Data Transfer Rate
2,SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Delivers up to 10x USB 2.0's Transmission Rate
3,USB 3.0 Cable Supports Full-duplex Data Transmission
4,USB 3.0 is More Power Efficient
5,USB 3.0 Cable Retains the Plug and Play Feature and is Fully Compatible with USB 2.0
6,USB 3.0 Cable Connectors are Added 5 Channels Compared with USB 2.0 (4 of the 5 Channels are Used for a Full Duplex Data Transmission)
7,USB 3.0 Cable Power Ability is 900mA. USB Hub Could Connect More Equipment at the Same Time (USB 2.0 is Only 100mA)
8,Cable length: 6 Feet

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